Winterbourne Boys' Academy Winterbourne Boys' Academy

Winterbourne Boys’ Academy

A Platanos Trust School

School Day


A typical school day at Winterbourne Boys’ Academy

At the beginning of the school day the playground is supervised from 8.40 am. Boys are admitted into the building at 8.50 am for a prompt 8.55 am registration/assembly.

Please ensure that your child arrives on time in full school uniform. Late pupils cause disruption to pupils' learning. Both lateness and absenteeism are monitored daily.

  • 8.40 am            Children arrive on the school playground
  • 8.50 am          The bell rings - children line up and make their way to their                            classrooms or assembly
  • 8.55 am            Registration / Assembly (whole school assemblies every day)
  • 9.15 am            Maths
  • 10.30 am        Break time
  • 10.45 am          Guided reading
  • 11.15 am          Literacy
  • 12.15 pm          Class novel
  • 12.30 pm        Lunch time
  • 1.30 pm            Science
  • 2.30 pm            Geography
  • 3.25 pm           End of school day - children led out to the playground

Further information

  • There is a 15 minutes morning break time.
  • Lunchtime is from 12.30 pm until 1.30 pm.
  • Lessons finish at 3.25 pm. You can expect your child to leave school shortly afterwards.
  • Pupils must not remain on the school site at the end of the school day unless it is for a supervised activity.
  • Please make sure that your son is collected promptly at the end of the day. If he is staying for an after-school club the pick up time is 4.30 pm.
  • Once a week, pupils will study PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) and RE (Religious Education).


Weekly Assembly Rota
  Monday PSHE / SEAL
  Tuesday Pupils' leadership assembly
  Wednesday British values
  Thursday Class assemblies
  Friday CHABOP celebration assembly

After school clubs

Extracurricular activities take place on a regular basis. At present they include football, cricket, gymnastics, rugby, hockey, library club, Latin and others. The range of clubs available is subject to change.

Parents/carers will be sent details of activities open to their child's age range. Membership of the clubs usually changes half-termly to give all pupils equal opportunities.