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The subjects

The National Curriculum was adopted from September 2014 which focuses on essential knowledge and skills. Details of the statutory elements can be found via the link below:

Schools must provide a broad and balanced curriculum to include the core (English, maths and science) and foundation subjects, and also promotes the academic, spiritual, moral, social, cultural and physical development of pupils.

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Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact

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Curriculum maps and guides 

Curriculum maps provide guidance on the topics of study for each half term. These are important in providing parents/carers with information so that pupils can be further supported with their learning.

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Education and Infection Control


We follow government guidance and deliver regular assemblies on Health and Hygiene.  Through our Science and PSHE curriculum, we educate pupils on Infection Control in every year group:


Year 3 - Plants: contamination of plants

Year 4 - Living things and their habitats: How environments can change and can pose a danger to living things

Year 5 - Animals including humans: Adolescence, Health and Hygiene

Year 6 - Living things and their habitats: Micro-organisms and bacteria