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Winterbourne Boys’ Academy

A Platanos Trust School

A message from our Headteacher


Welcome to Winterbourne Boys' Academy, our cherished all boys school for pupils aged between 7 and 11.

In my position as Acting Headteacher, I would like to introduce myself as a practitioner committed to driving standards and setting high expectations for all pupils. The pupils of Winterbourne Boys' Academy are at the centre of every decision that I make in order to provide them with a secure understanding of the curriculum, whilst nurturing every individual to achieve their full potential. Every child has a talent and it is our job to ensure that we develop them beyond their own expectations and introduce them to new interests and experiences that will inspire them to commit to their own personal development and educational journey. We have an unshakeable belief in every child. 

A crucial focus at Winterbourne Boys’ Academy is to develop the pupils' ability to write fluently and creatively, be an eloquent speaker, an avid reader and a talented mathematician. These skills are refined both inside and outside the classroom and are supplemented with a wide range of extra-curricular activities and experiential learning.  Academic rigour is implicit in the ethos of the school and the Platanos Trust, and this is combined with the invaluable contribution of the arts, sport and creativity to develop well-rounded individuals with the relevant skills for the modern world.

The school is proud of its achievements to date, being recognised by Ofsted as a 'Good' school in its first inspection. I am now in the privileged and exciting position of driving the school's future by establishing Winterbourne Boys’ Academy as a pillar for educational excellence in the community for boys in south London.

We truly believe that Attitude Determines Altitude.